Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Things To Come...

Good day EleBey's. 
I have some GREAT news. I am creating a New Product Line for Elegance Beyond. 
Yes, you heard correct. This new line will be dedicated to MEN and MEN ALONE. 
So there is Elegance Beyond line and The Elegant MenRange line. SUPER EXCITED!!!
So this means that we will be working super hard and twice as hard to bring you, our customers,
nothing but the best. HIGH-END QUALITY. LUXURY. I am so excited to be able to 
provide a MEN ONLY product line. So all you lovely men out there, no more 
confusion on where to buy handmade high-end products. The Elegant MenRange 
is a wonderful place for you. Stay tuned on my to come.....
Bathe. Relax & Enjoy. 

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