Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Amazing Pair of Heels!

  ~ I LOVE ME SOME HEELS! An Amazing pair at that! You can't just go out in some heels and you don't match. That's a no no! As you can see in my picture above, I LOVE Bordello Shoes, Teeze Collection. They are so beautiful! I have yet bought me a pair of these INCREDIBLE pair of shoes, but when I do, I will ABSOLUTELY let you know! I love HEELS PERIOD! Not just any pair if heels, SEXY heels. I will only wear sexy heels on my feet. And my husband thinks so too (hahahahaha). They have to sit on the foot just right too. Hey, what can I say, I'm in love with sexy heels. Anyway. When I get me a pair of these bad boys or any pair of shoes that I like, I will post it so that you can see what I like. I will even post what I don't like as well. ~
~Bathe! Relax and Enjoy!~ 


  1. Oh thank you! I will do my best to keep it coming. =)

  2. I purchased these from www.sinistershoes.com
    If you want to buy these you should buy a bigger size because they are tight on the feet. I hope this helps you. Have a wonderful day.