Tuesday, January 25, 2011


   ~ Here is another pair of shoes that I LOVE made by the same company. PLEASER USA is the manufacturer of this wonderful shoe! Teeze Collection! I love it! I think that is so elegant and so sexy. Like I said before, I love a sexy shoe. It has to be sexy to me or I will not wear it! Or at least look good on my foot. This shoe is SUPER GORGEOUS! It truly is. I have no doubt that this shoe will be apart of my shoe collection. Of course I will keep you posted with pics so that you can see them. If you haven't wore heels in a long time, then when you first get them, wear them around the house or where ever you want, to get use to wearing them, Then after you have have mastered wearing them, you can take them out for a night on the town or just take them out. They will love you for it. Also, there a shoe soles for heels so they will be comfortable for you when you do go out. ~ Enjoy! ~

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