Thursday, January 20, 2011

Banana Soap Recipe

   ~ Hello everyone! I am so excited because I would like to share this wonderful recipe with you. This recipe is a cold process soap recipe and I love it. It has a pleasant scent to it. And this is a delight for all of those Banana Lover's out there! This soap feels so good to the skin and it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry like some other soaps. This is a great soap to give as a gift or keep for yourself or you can have it for your guests! 
Follow the basic cold process instructions for milk soaps mixing the milk and lye as usual (mixture will turn orange), add the oils at a slightly warmer temperature 150 degrees - 170 degrees to the milk/lye mixture and at trace, add the other ingredients. This soap has a long shelf life. ~ 
This is not my recipe guys. This recipe and photo belongs to 
The Ponte Verde Soap Shoppe. And there website is It's an amazing recipe to say the least. 

INGREDIENTS: Makes about 2 1/2 lbs of soap)
260 G palm oil (9.2 oz) 
220 G coconut oil (7.8 oz)
150 G sunflower oil (5.3 oz)
30 G olive oil (1 oz)
150 G soybean oil (5.3 oz)
15 G sweet almond oil (.5 oz)
190 ml milk (freeze for 2-3 hrs and crush) (7-8 oz) 
104 G Sodium Hydroxide NaOH (4 oz)

Add at trace:
17 G apricot oil (.6 oz)
50 G shea butter-melted (1.8 oz)
11 G beeswax-melted (.4 oz)
1 banana (mix and freeze) 
1 tablespoon dried milk
1 tablespoon banana fragrance

   ~ I hope that you enjoy this recipe. Make it and tell me what you think. ~


  1. I would love to make this, where can I find the products to prepare.

  2. Some items can be found at your grocery store and some at a crafts store and some might have to ordered online. I order most of my products online. Its easier for me that way. Like the essential oils and fragrance oils, butters, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), etc.

  3. I just made lavender soap and had never thought about using banana. Can't wait to try this next time!

  4. Please, if you're going to use our photo and recipe then credit us accordingly..The Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe,

  5. Absolutely Mary. No harm intended. Thank you for letting me know.